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BVI Bound

3 Jul

I am writing from the Departure Lounge of the Grantley Adams International Airport in Barbados. I am on my way to visit with my parents in Tortola. Sorry I have not posted anything new but I was quite busy moving and packing.

Today has been good so far. I am trying my luck with LIAT today. I hope it ends well. No industrial action and no major delays! πŸ™‚

Caribbean experience…”Two White Girls Pon a Minibus”

29 Jun

My friend Sherry sent me the song for this funny video of these girls experiencing their first journey on a minibus in Jamaica in the 1980s. “Two Girls Pon a Minibus” is sort of like what would happen if Paris and Nicole went to Jamaica and rode public transport.

I remember my first time arriving in Trinidad for University and taking a Maxi taxi (minibus). Coming from Β the Virgin Islands where most people have their one vehicles I was a bit culture shocked. Although I must say that the buses in Trinidad are not overloaded as they are in Jamaica and Barbados but the sometimes deafeningly loud music and fast driving are accurate. lol

I remember missing my stop and being totally lost but pretending I knew where I was walking confidently as not to attract any would-be robbers. I eventually found my way and developed a love hate relationship with maxis. Although not the most glamourous travel option in Trinidad these buses have a special priority bus route which allows you to arrive at your destination in a fraction of the time. Perfect for students late for class unless of course the driver decides to make a pit stop at KFC on his way down the road.

Trinidad Maxi-Taxi

Share your Minibus/Maxi/Van experience.

Hello from Barbados

25 Jun

Well this is just a little good day mate post!

I happen to live in Barbados and just wanted to say hello y’all! πŸ˜€ Here are some photos I took.

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25 Oct
walking along tower bridge in london

walking along tower bridge in london

So we are here..a bit busy but will add new photos ASAP πŸ™‚

Piccadilly Circus!

Piccadilly Circus!

Looks familiar eh?...its Andrew!

Looks familiar eh?...it's Andrew!