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Live like there is no tomorrow…

25 Jul

It is Sunday morning and I am having lovely oats porridge for breakfast. While starting my laundry today my mind came onto an elderly patient I saw the other day. She was at the brink of death due to a massive stroke. She looked death in the eye and said hell no! Kicking and screaming with a voracity I have not seen very often she is making a recovery.

Although the language centers of her brain were most affected and she could not speak or read for months she pushed herself to re-synapse and basically rewire her brain. Now she can speak and read with the occasional cue for a lost word. Sheer will and persistence and a big dose of TLC I must say. She has no recollection of anything after she collapsed or during her ordeal in hospital but said she must write a thank you note to those who saved her life. She looked me in the eye ¬†and said it is very important to say thank you. I have to do it now before I die; we never know then it will happen. Second chances don’t always come around.

Just spending 20 minutes with this lady gave me so much perspective on life and living it is incredible.

So next time you think oh no my day is going horrible and you want to throw in the towel that this bit of perspective. Live life with as much vigor and enthusiasm as possible and treasure the little things like eating oats on a sunday morning. lol Taking a walk, driving out, seeing friends and family, doing that hobby you always wanted. All very important things; and the most important thing I think is leaving the world a little better than you found it.

Happy Sunday!


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