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11 Sep

I have not blogged in several months and it seemed like it would be quite a while longer before I posted another post. However, it seems I now have something to say.

Frank, not Sinatra, but Ocean…

A few days ago after trying to avoid all the media hype surrounding Frank Ocean and being uninterested after listening to iTunes track previews. I stumbled upon an interview he gave to BBC radio which gave me some perspective.


I was expecting another obnoxious, crude RnB/HipHop artist but I was pleasantly surprised to see Frank Ocean. Well prior to his now infamous Tumblr post about his same sex love, the interview showed an introverted, articulate, handsome, tastefully dressed, intellectually sound, genuine, thoughtful young black man.

Watching him speak about the thoughts behind his lyrically rich, idiosyncratic, musical gems left me totally disarmed and curious to get to know more about this seemingly new artist. I was further surprised to realize be wrote the beautiful ode to love and longing “I Miss You” for none other than Beyonce. By the end of the interview I watched some of his music videos and listened to the lyrics closely and chastised myself for glazing over such musical greatness.


The dark, yet strangely satisfying “Swim Good” and the lyrics of the eternally beautiful, vulnerability of “Thinkin Bout You” brought me to revisit the once overlooked “over-hyped” album, “Channel Orange.”

After listening to the entire album without skipping a single track I think I rediscovered a part of myself long lost. From the near 10 minute, time traveling epic “Pyramids” to the excessive consumption commentary “Super Rich Kids,” this album is complete.  I have not listened to an entire RnB/HipHop album without skipping any tracks since 1998’s now classic album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.” After several years of constant disappointment by other artists Frank Ocean came along.


This 24 year old very talented, insightful, soulful, brave artist has created a beautiful, unique, modern musical masterpiece. Have a listen for yourself.